Flight and Fancy

Tomorrow we leave for a ten day drive through Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. There will be old roads, small towns, national parks and dinosaurs. I’ll probably be gone from here for… Continue reading

Sleep of the Just

Rail yards are always a bit of fun. Century-old yards are endlessly more so. Add to it the fact that I was shooting with a camera older than any of the equipment lying… Continue reading

No Side to Fall In

I’m not really sure what’s “max” about Kodak’s cheap little Max 400, but in this case, it’s the weird saturation that came from out of nowhere. Actually, it came from the sun, but… Continue reading

Down there Where the Train Goes Slow

Some churches are underground. But then, some churches are underground.

The Things They Carried

I love square photos. Always have. The wonderfulness of shooting 6×6 is untouchable. Rather than feeling like you’re lopping off the ends of a larger photo, it seems as if you’re opening up… Continue reading

Freedom From Choice

If I carry three cameras with me, I will take three very similar shots with each one of them. I don’t mean to, but it’s curiosity getting the best of me. “I wonder… Continue reading

Stay Here and Rust

Even at a bit of an overexposure, Fuji’s Provia 100F brings the fun, trying to behave like a C-41 film, but still turning on that E-4 charm. Yow!

Just Be There

Dear Provia 100F, I absolutely love you. Actually, Provia of any kind is alright by me. Look at those blues! Look at everything! It is, I’m pretty sure, my favorite film ever. It’s… Continue reading

Living Like Goats

I wanted to take so many photos at our visit to Fort Simcoe, Washington, but the sun was in exactly the wrong spot for such a thing. This is a shot of the… Continue reading

So Familiar But I Just Can’t Place It

Let’s talk about unexpectedly wonderful film. First up is FujiColor 200. This is the film that you can buy in a drug store – which is exactly where I bought it. There’s really… Continue reading