Twilight and Fading

I wanted to share more of my Pentax shots this week, but really failed at doing so. So here are three from a sunset over the Pacific Ocean at Ruby Beach in Washington.

Spring and Springing

If you take a shot only to realize that it’s the last one on the roll, it’s always a good idea to retake it with the next roll. Sometimes, it’s just fun to… Continue reading


For my first shot with the Anscoflex, I’m glad I was able to capture the fuselages of Boeing 737s piggypacking on a train to Seattle. I see them a lot, working near the… Continue reading

Golden Spur

I’ve heard that this cowboy bar has sawdust on the floor, but when you’re passing through the town at 7am on a Sunday morning, you tend not to stop at a lot of… Continue reading

Other Half

Official Business

Cisco Clifton Filling Station

Cisco, Utah is a ghost town. It didn’t used to be. Before the Interstate was constructed, bypassing the town, all the traffic moving on US 6 from Denver and Route 50 from Pueblo… Continue reading

Still with Motion (Picture)

Eastman Plus-X isn’t the easiest film to get a hold of. It was discontinued by Kodak in 2010 after being used on such movies as Schindler’s List and Raging Bull. It was never… Continue reading

Exterior Forms

I’d pull the car over to take a photo of whatever this is. What it is not is some Robert Goddard prototype. Though, that would probably be more fun.

My Dad and the Pentax K-1000

Like many, my first “real” camera was the Pentax K-1000. My dad, who also shot with one, found a used model and bought it for me so that I could learn how to… Continue reading