Look… Juice!

What better way to say “so long” to Idaho than this fine photo of a couple of abandoned trailers?

Christian Feed Mill

We started in Payette and that’s where we’ll end. If your last name is Christian and you run a feed mill, it might not be the best idea to name the business after… Continue reading

Weekend at the Sands

While the Sands in Vegas was the virtual home of the Rat Pack, the Sands in Smelterville, Idaho didn’t really have that claim. It does (or maybe did) boast: “The Sands is a… Continue reading


And we’re back in Kellog, Idaho (you know, I’m not fully sure this is Kellog, but it’s near it). Anyway, this shot goes along with the one posted here. Same building, different camera/film.… Continue reading

Outlook and Spiral

Sometimes even getting off the interstate isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to search out the roads that existed before the current alignments of the US Routes. This one was easy – the fairly… Continue reading

Praising and Empty

Back we are in Payette. This was taken on a Sunday morning, before traffic was an issue. I like shooting my small towns when nobody is around. Payette is a pretty busy place,… Continue reading

Looking Behind

When taking photos of a bridge, sometimes it pays to poke around a bit. This tower, which controlled a draw bridge, was tucked in behind where I was standing. Poke around a bit,… Continue reading

Leaving Behind

When we travel, we take the interstate as little as possible. And when we’re forced upon it, we try to exit for as many of the bypassed towns and alignments as we can.… Continue reading

Craters and Mounds

Through the center bits of Idaho, you’ll find gigantic lava fields, culminating in the Craters of the Moon National Monument. Both of these shots were taken there with the 100 year old Brownie… Continue reading


We actually went across Idaho three different times in three different places this past traveling season. This was taken in Kellog, along old US Route 10 (now I-90) in the panhandle. There are… Continue reading