These Are Our Demands

I’ll wait for trains even though they seldom come until you’re in the car, cameras packed away and ready to leave.


Seeing old diners advertising themselves simply as “EAT” is endlessly hilarious and never gets old. It was a simpler time.

There’s Nothing Imminent

I think this was really the first time I shot the ocean. I’ve been there a couple of times since turning back to film photography, but for some reason I never really bothered… Continue reading

There’s Nothing Waiting

I need to learn to milk more shots out of a location. This is a fine photo, sure. But I could have gotten three or four out of it, even with the weird… Continue reading

There’s Nothing Given

Mt. Washington in Oregon was illusive on this day. The clouds kept covering it and I desperately wanted a photo. After about four hours of waiting, this was the closest I got. Worth… Continue reading

There’s Nothing Living

I wanted to see what this looked like in both color and black & white. This is a bathroom in a nearly-forgotten state park on the way to Mt. Rainier National. I’m not… Continue reading

It’s Long Division

I’m not really a hiker. There are definitely some trails that I’d like to do, but we never seem to have the time to do them. Hiking means not taking nearly as many… Continue reading

It’s a Long Way Down

Svema Color 125 usually comes off with a blue tinge to it. I could digitally remove it, but then sometimes it hands me this muted brown thing. I haven’t really figured out why,… Continue reading

Locked and Repeating

I don’t shoot random things I see as nearly often as I should. I’ll travel hours (and walk ten miles) to get a shot, but I have a hard time seeing things happening… Continue reading

Language Keeps Me Locked

I don’t think I could ever turn my back on color film. But for a couple of years, I simply refused to shoot black & white. I was afraid that it couldn’t convey… Continue reading