Wishing for a More Steady Hand

Sometimes, I have an incredibly steady hand. Take a look at this shot (and the conditions). Sometimes, my hand is incredibly steady. But shooting with a huge medium format camera that’s supported by… Continue reading

Showing How Things Feel (Not How They Look)

After yesterday’s post, I still have to say that I actually like the color shifts. Generally, I don’t go in for them, but with this film, there’s something special about it. When I… Continue reading

Like a Bichrome Movie

I knew I was in for something surreal when I loaded the ORWO NC3. But I forgot that when I processed it and scanned it. The film took on insane colors that made… Continue reading

Another Weekend to Slide Away

We’re hitting the road again this weekend for a three-day jaunt into Oregon to visit Mt. Washington, which I swear looks like Tolkien’s Mount Doom. I’ll report back if it is (…or wont’).… Continue reading

Racing Across the Desert

Shooting through a car window is usually a dumb idea. In this case, however, I think it paid off. There are a million photos of wide open roads fading off into the distance.… Continue reading

Rock Rock Baby, Yeah Yeah Yeah

Like Arthur Dent, I never get the hang of Thursdays. So in honor of that, here’s a picture of a rock screaming. I didn’t even notice it until after I processed the film.… Continue reading

That There Lomography Film

Lomography doesn’t make film – it’s simply rebranded stock from other companies. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but it would be nice to know what you’re getting when you buy their… Continue reading

Who Needs Colors?

This summer, I’ve tried to carry two 35mm cameras with me when traveling. One was to be loaded with black & white, while the other was with color. On top of that, I’d… Continue reading

The Darkening of Nevada

Anything built by the CCC workers in the 1930s is endlessly fascinating to me. Take this cabin, for example. It was built as a tourist getaway, and was used as such for quite… Continue reading

Nature is All Very Well in Her Place

One thing I noticed about (my) nature photography is that it’s incredibly boring. Sure, it’s pretty, but after looking at literally hundreds of photos of yellow rocks, it gets a bit dull. So… Continue reading