Still with Motion (Picture)

Eastman Plus-X isn’t the easiest film to get a hold of. It was discontinued by Kodak in 2010 after being used on such movies as Schindler’s List and Raging Bull. It was never… Continue reading

Exterior Forms

I’d pull the car over to take a photo of whatever this is. What it is not is some Robert Goddard prototype. Though, that would probably be more fun.

My Dad and the Pentax K-1000

Like many, my first “real” camera was the Pentax K-1000. My dad, who also shot with one, found a used model and bought it for me so that I could learn how to… Continue reading


Kodak Elite Chrome sometimes makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Thank you.

Riding the Dragon

I really hope that they dress one of these guys up for Christmas.

A Million Pieces (cut)

When I first started shooting film again, I did everything I could to avoid blue tints. If a film cast one, I’d not use it again. Now, I’ve gotten a bit more okay… Continue reading

Not Broken, Not Unbroken

Oh gentle Harrington, Washington! I wish I could travel to all of these little eastern Washington towns. They’re unique to almost anything I’ve ever seen. They’re not really all that old – most… Continue reading


If you’re looking for the Amtrak station in Shoshone, Idaho, this little box is it. The train comes through twice a day, and it’s only open a bit before and after arrival/departure. I… Continue reading

March of the Pigs

Taken in Twin Falls, Idaho this past July. I turned around a few times to try to find a place to park so I could get the shot.


I never pass by an opportunity to take a few photos of trains. Ever.