The Most Memorable Season of the Day

This was taken during one of those moments when you’re driving in the early hours and the light is simply perfect. I’m not totally sure the film was capable of delivering exactly how… Continue reading

Still Looking Down


Keep Looking Up!

Sometimes, when you find yourself in a ridiculously beautiful, but too too narrow place, all you can do is point the camera up and shoot. And sometimes it actually works out.

Watch the Edges

When using a camera that’s not an SLR, you’ve got to deal with parallax. What you see through the view finder is not exactly what’s going to be exposed through the lens. It’s… Continue reading

May the Road Rise with You

I take a lot of photos of roads. Look! Here’s another!

Take Lots of Water and Lots of Photos

I know I post a lot about trying not to take the same photo with two (or more) different cameras, but it used to be a big problem of mine. Now that I’ve… Continue reading

I Assure You, Your Shutter Speed Is Wrong

When buying a camera unseen on Ebay or Etsy, I always look for the magic words: “Shutter works fine.” Of course, I realize that while the shutter may work “fine,” it more than… Continue reading

Taking the Photo Anyway

If you find yourself saying “so, I took the photo anyway,” you’re probably wasting film. I know that I’m very guilty of this (though this summer, I’ve really tried to cut back on… Continue reading

Know What You Want and How to Get It

Though I’ve recently discovered my love for black & white film, I can’t get over how moving Ektachrome 64 is, especially in the desert. Ektachrome, being a slide film, absolutely loves sunlight. Being… Continue reading

Walking Far Ahead of Me

It’s rare that I take photos of people. I try to make my pictures have a “timeless” quality, so images with people in them almost always obviously date them. I suppose the people… Continue reading