This was the last photo that I took on last summer’s road trip. I climbed up on a rock formation and steadied myself, waiting for the sunset. I was up really high and… Continue reading

Fall Out of the Sky

The Grand Canyon again. The last time I was there (2006), I don’t think I really appreciated it. This time (2012), I really liked it, though I’m probably okay with not seeing again… Continue reading

Jump Out of Time

I know that I’ve taken quite a few photos of this place. There are even more you haven’t seen.

The Figurehead

When the Mamiya is on, it’s really on. I know that using expired cross-processed film doesn’t do it any “favors,” but I really like the surreal(ish) colors and grain. Maybe it’s not for… Continue reading

A Short Term Effect

It’s Meteor Crater in Arizona – notice the thunderstorm in the distance. It was intense.

Just Like the Old Days

This week I’ll be sharing the last roll that I shot on last summer’s trip across the country. I still have a slew of Polaroids that will come up when they can. But… Continue reading

Spread the Virus (Reprise)

A sister.

A Thousand Ways

I’ve never gotten a photograph of the Trail of Tears “monument” that I’ve liked very much. Near Arlington, Missouri. On Route 66.

And Birds in My Knees

Catoosa Blue Whale. Missouri Route 66.

Flies in My Stomach

Tower of Bourbon, Missouri. Route 66.