They’ve Already Gotten You, Barbara

Roadside memorials are wonderfully touching, personal and sometimes creepy. This one overlooks Lewiston, Idaho, on the Spiral Highway. You have to either stumble upon it or specifically go looking for it. I literally… Continue reading

Graveyards are Spooky

Graveyards are spooky because we want them to be. But really, they’re just a field with stones in it.


Even if you believe that the Bible is 100% factual, it’s a pretty far stretch to insist that it’s the only book that is so. Is the phone book a work of fiction?… Continue reading

End of the Roll

Normally, I try to shoot the last few photos of a roll before getting home so that I can develop them immediately. Sometimes, however, I find that I’ve still got one left. And… Continue reading

Out of Time

This is not 1950s Brooklyn, but the town of Helper, Utah captured in July of this year. I don’t even think this pace as been restored. I think the desert air just preserves… Continue reading

’63 Dodge Dart

Part of the joy (hell, most of it) that comes with shooting a motion picture filmstock through a still camera is that sometimes your photos will actually look like stills from a movie.… Continue reading

Abandoned and Light

I know that I’ve talked about Svema film before, but dang if I couldn’t say it all again about this photo alone. We turned around in some small Oregon town just so I… Continue reading


The Snake River, from source to mouth, almost never disappoints. It’s scenes like this that make film photography so important to me. I don’t know if it’s the tones, the way the chromatic… Continue reading

Building Blocks

I don’t usually take a lot of modern architecture shots. But when it comes to midcentury office buildings, I find it hard to resist. There’s something endlessly pleasing about the squares and blocks.

This Brick

I fall in love with cameras easily. Pretty much every camera I own has been my favorite camera at one time. Also, I’m bad at picking permanent favorites. This summer, my favorite camera… Continue reading