Ancient Lake at Potholes Coulee, Washington.


Why do we like photographing paths and roads? I mean, apart from the sheer convenience of having it right before you. We like to see and to prove where we’ve been, sure. It’s… Continue reading


Potholes Coulee, along the Columbia River in Washington.

The Long Long Walk

This year will be the year of hiking, if I have anything to say about it. Though it’s only March, we’ve done two hikes and have several more in the planning. All we… Continue reading

Us & George

When Sarah and I travel, we usually bring along a tripod so that we can get a photo of us together. I don’t think I have any cameras that have a timer on… Continue reading

Grandfather Cuts Loose the Pentax

This was the second time I shot the sculpture Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies. It’s located along the Columbia River near Vantage, Washington. But it’s the first that I did it with 35mm,… Continue reading

The Hawkeye Lens Flip Freak Out (Part 2)

Earlier today, I posted two shots from the Hawkeye with a flipped lens. Only four of the twelve photos came out as anything remotely look-atable, and here are the other two. If I… Continue reading

The Hawkeye Lens Flip Freak Out (Part 1)

When I started back into film, I went for the Holga. I liked the look, but very quickly moved onto other cameras. I’ve not used a Holga in years. But that doesn’t meant… Continue reading


For the past week, I’ve shared a dozenish photos taken with the Agfa Clipper Special, a 116 film camera that will accept 120 film if you ask nicely and don’t care too much… Continue reading


At the end of a long(ish) hike, sometimes I feel a bit of a tired blur. This photo, taken at Potholes Coulee in Washington, perfectly exemplifies that feeling.