Working Blue

Since ORWO NC3 leans toward the blue spectrum, I wonder what an orange filter would do.

A Case of the Mean Reds

ORWO’s NC3 captures reds in some really brilliant ways. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice this until after I took this shot. NC3 loves reds. While I took it camping with me, I should have… Continue reading

The Road to Obstruction

A VW Vanagon Syncro road to Obstruction Point, Olympic National Park. Taken October 2014.

Driven to Obstruction

The road to Obstruction Point, Olympic National Park. October 2014. The film – ORWO NC3 – is pretty insane when processed in C-41. It makes me uneasy. But I like it.

From the Shore

We’ve had a pretty mild winter up here in Seattle. But that still doesn’t mean travel season isn’t highly anticipated. The winter months here are usually cold and rainy, so we make plans… Continue reading

A Desolation

Near Mount Washington, Oregon.

A Small Cirith Ungol

This is the Dee Wright Observatory near Mount Washington, Oregon. It’s made entirely out of basalt (lava), and is in the middle of a large lava flow. It reminds me of a small… Continue reading


Foggy morning on Mount St. Helens. Autumn of 2014.

Too Long Enough

Bulk loading ORWO UN54 is one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. I got this film in some kind of sampler pack from the Labeauratoire and then found a 100′ roll of… Continue reading

It’s Open

The desire to travel has completely overtaken me. This is a yearly thing. When the first sunny days of spring force the buds to pop their little heads out of the ground, I… Continue reading