But I Still Feel the Land

But I Still Feel the Land
Camera: Imperial Savoy || Film: Kodak Ektar 100

Another shot from the smoke-filled Moses Coulee in central Washington. The Wenatchee wildfires were burning and smoking just across the Columbia River. The smoke flitted into the canyon and there it stayed, making it look like morning fog.

I had to play with the contrast/brightness when I scanned this one in, otherwise, it would have been mostly white. The smoke diffused the light to a crazy extent. Typically, this is a bright and stark region with few clouds and little or no haze.

In places, the sun would show through the smoke, and even the blue sky would peek through once in a while. You can see such a thing in the upper right corner of this shot. There’s just a touch of blue sky and a wisp of cloud.

And yet again, this photo contains a road. In this case, it was Moses Coulee Road, which travels the length of the lower canyon. I’m not sure why roads appear in the vast majority of the photos. Maybe it’s some subconscious urge to show how I got there, as if parachuting in was somehow an option.

This was taken with the Imperial Savoy with Kodak Ektar 100.

To see the large versions of this one, head over to the flickr page.


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