Unforeseen Digital Camera Problem

Unforeseen Digital Camera Problem

I’m not a film snob. I fully understand why people shoot digital. I do it myself quite a bit. In fact, on our latest (and smokey, aborted) trip to central Washington, I used a Rebel Canon of some sort for several hours. As Sarah drove, I took shot after shot out the window.

And that’s the problem. Digital is easy in one very important way: you don’t have to advance the film. You can just shoot and shoot and shoot some more, without even an ounce of fear of a double exposure.

So when I finally switched over to the Imperial Savoy 620 film camera that I was toting around, I forgot to advance the film. Twice. This has only happened once before under suspiciously similar circumstances.

Now, some folks think that this is one of the happy little accidents that film brings. Sometimes I agree with that. The Savoy is packed with happy little accidents. But honestly, I don’t care for double exposures. I had two fine shots here and ruined both of them.

Sure, sometimes double exposures can be fun. But smooshing two mountain scenes together? No. In my other accidental double exposure, I combined a shot of a paved two lane road and a farmer’s field. It was wretched. This one is slightly less so, but still, what crap.

Hopefully, we’ll be heading back out there either this weekend or next and I’ll be able to get my shot.


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