My Car is Parked Outside, I’m Afraid it Doesn’t Work

My Car is Parked Outside, I’m Afraid it Doesn’t Work
Camera: Tru-View (Diana Clone, circa 1960) || Film: FujiChrome RDP (100D), x-pro as C-41, expired 10/1997

Sarah and I work well together. That’s a good thing since we literally work together for eight hours a day. It’s rare when we’re more than a block away from each other. Obviously we get along, but the differences are equally obvious.

Before either of us met the other, we were artists, but we approached art in different ways. I was more into poetry and photography, while she was a printer. Soon after we met, we began influencing each other. I had dabbled in printing, but nothing more than a little DIY punkrock printing.

Together, we produced a book of poetry (my last). She printed the covers and helped assemble and stitch it up. Since moving to Seattle, I’ve become a screen printer, thanks to her.

But how we work couldn’t be better illustrated than with how our photography has evolved. I was a digital photographer when I met her. I’d use Photoshop to make my pictures look like they were shot on crappy old medium format cameras (this was long before Instagram). After a few years of being cranky over how easy to replicate what I was doing had become, I decided to take up film photography.

Without really even sharing the idea with her, around the same time, she go into Polaroids. I got a Holga 120 and she picked up an 80s Polaroid at a thrift store. While I shot film, she had frustrating experiences with Impossible Project’s film.

Seeing how happy I was with film, she decided to try 35mm. Seeing how upset she was with Polaroid instant film, I suggested she try Polaroid’s packfilm cameras. It was a sort of throw away suggest, but she went for it. Then, seeing how nice her shots were coming out, I decided to pick up on it, too.

I would allow her to experiment with something, while I learned from her failures and successes. In turn, she would do the same with things that I was trying to do. I’m not even sure if it’s a conscious thing, but it seems to work. I’m sure we’ll continue to offer support and inspiration for each other for a long time to come.

If you’re like to see larger versions of this one, head to the flickr page.

Also, this is my 100th post.


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