John and the Revelator

John and the Revelator

John and the Revelator
Camera: Olympus Pen-FT
Film: Seattle Film Works 200, Italy (x-11/01)
Steptoe, Washington

If you ever get the chance to shoot Seattle Film Works, do it. It’s just rebranded film made by other companies, but it’s a fun grab bag. If it has the “Made In ______” on it, you can tell which film.

Italy: Film Ferrania
Japan: Fuji
Germany: Agfa
US: Kodak (though I’ve never seen that)

If it doesn’t have the stamp, it’s anyone’s guess. Maybe Kodak?

Anyway, just find some and have a bit of fun. You’ll have to develop it yourself though, as it’s not branded as being C-41 (though most of it is).


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