Noted Rider — Photographing Wenatchee, Washington

Noted Rider

Noted Rider
Camera: Ricoh KR-10
Film: Tasma Mikrat 300, 6iso (x-12/83)
Process: HC-110, 1+200, 120min
Wenatchee, Washington

For years, we’d bypass the small city of Wenatchee on US Route 2, heading east into the channeled scablands of eastern Washington. I tend to shy away from cities when it comes to travel. Living in Seattle, I have little desire to visit other metropolitan areas in my spare time. This is why most of my photos are of small/ghost towns and open desolation.

But after actually driving through it on one return trip, I discovered two things. First, that there was an Indian restaurant there – good Indian food is a rarity on the west coast. And second, that I really wanted to photograph the town. I could see interesting and older features on a few backstreets and wanted to explore further.

The next time through, we stopped at the Indian place (we were not disappointed!) and spent about an hour or so photographing the town. I’ll share a few other shots of the place today.


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