Camera: Pentax K-1000
Film: Tasma Mikrat 300 (x-06/74); 6iso
Process: Xtol 1+2; 21C; 9min
Lester, Washington


2 thoughts on “Conjugation

    1. Thanks so much!

      The process bits are basically how I develop the film. In this case, I used Kodak Xtol as the developer. It’s a vitamin C based product that cuts down on grain. The ‘1+2’ is the ratio that I used, one part Xtol, two parts water. The 21C is 21 degrees Celsius, the temp of the developer. I usually use 20C, but I was a degree higher this time, so I made a note of it. And finally, the 9min is how long the film was in the developer – nine minutes.

      Hope that clears it up! Thanks!

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