Chewing the Chew’d

Chewing the Chew'd

Chewing the Chew’d
Camera: Ricoh KR-10
Film: Ilford Delta 400 (x-03/2007)
Process: HC-110B; 13.5min
Seattle, Washington

This year I shot 73 rolls of film. This shot is from my last – and it was not a good way to end the year. The roll was shot over the course of two separate days a couple of weeks apart. One (maybe two) photos were presentable.

Now, I shoot expired film almost exclusively, so I’m used to failure. But this was a strange combination of weird error and mishap. First, I was shooting Ilford Delta 400 at 1600. I needed to shoot indoors, and this was the only way that I could pull it off. When I processed it, I accounted for the two-stop push. Delta 400 pushes really well, so I knew this wouldn’t be a problem.

But something went wrong somewhere. The images are beyond grainy. There’s a strange haze to them. Looking at the negatives, the sprocket area has clearly been exposed. If the sprockets are exposed, the entire negative was exposed. It looks like the film was unspooled in very low light – it’s not totally blown out.

I’m not sure how that’s possible, since I’m 95% sure the film was new in the box (my other Delta 400 is still boxed, anyway). I know for certain that I didn’t expose it, and I’m equally certain that the camera has no light leaks.

I just don’t know what happened, and it’s a real shame as I shot an event that was pretty important to me. Below is the only photo of the event that even sort of came out a little bit.

Camera: Ricoh KR-10 Film: Ilford Delta 400 (x-03/2007) Process: HC-110B; 13.5min

Camera: Ricoh KR-10
Film: Ilford Delta 400 (x-03/2007)
Process: HC-110B; 13.5min

This is it for the year, it seems. There might be a chance to take my first step into the world of large format photography over Christmas, but I’m not counting on it happening due to weather.

Otherwise, apart from a few missteps, this has been a fine year for me and photography. Hopefully next year will be even better.


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