The Game of Silence

The Game of Silence

The Game of Silence
Camera: Imperial Savoy
Film: Fuji Velva 100 (x-12/06)
x-pro as C-41
Keller Ferry, Washington

There’s something especially fetching about these colors. Sure, Velvia is prone to delivering some amazing tones, but this is other worldly. Of course, some of it is due to cross-processing, and some to the camera. Some goes to the age of the film.

I think the focus add to it. The Imperial Savoy is a camera like no other (except basically every other camera made by Tower/Imperial, of course). Though 620 can be a pain to reroll and shoot, cameras like the Savoy make it so incredibly worth it.

Since they have no adjustable shutter speed and no aperture you can change, they’re strangely liberating. Just make sure it’s sunny, keep in mind the ISO of your film, and then just concern yourself with composition.


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