I’ll Never Leave You Now

I'll Never Leave You Now

I’ll Never Leave You Now
Camera: Olympus Pen-FT
Film: Kodak Panatomic X (x-06/91); 20iso
Process: Xtol 1+1; 7.5min; 20C
US 95 / US 6 Junction, Nevada

I can’t stand mistakes. Cameras with light leaks get taped up. I take meticulous notes concerning which film is in which camera, and where each photo was taken. this is so that when a mistake comes along, it’s not battling it out with several other anomalies.

This shot is a rare case. First (chronologically speaking), This was taken as a series of diptychs. As you can see, this single shot got lot among the burst of photos taken at this stop. This is on me, I should have been more careful. But that would hardly be a mistake – after all, it works fine as a single photo.

But then look at the black squiggles in the left of the photo. That’s fuzz of some kind. It was probably in the camera, though I don’t remember it in any other photos.

Finally, the strong marks on the right are from the clips I use to hang the film after processing. Usually, there’s a bit of space left over on the film that fits the clips just so. This was not the case with this roll, so I sacrificed a shot in order to dry it.

Now, however, I think it fits. It almost adds to the composition. I mean, I wouldn’t have added them purposely, but now that they’re there, a throw-away photo has turned into something slightly more interesting.


One thought on “I’ll Never Leave You Now

  1. I don’t know much about film photography, but I have to agree with you that it adds to the composition.
    You have a captivating blog, here. 🙂

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