Like a Cloud of Sleep

Like a Cloud of Sleep Camera: Argus/Cosina STL 1000 Film: Kodak Vision 3 500T (x-08/00) Sprague, Washington

Like a Cloud of Sleep
Camera: Argus/Cosina STL 1000
Film: Kodak Vision 3 500T (x-08/00)
Sprague, Washington

While we live in a ridiculous city with skyrocketing rents due to a massive technology boom, we travel where scenes like this still exist. Many in Seattle view Eastern Washington as some kind of Jundland Wastes. Anything east of the Cascades is foreign and basically Idaho.

These prejudices aren’t actually that far off – but they’re the exact reasons we visit so frequently.

There are places in Eastern Washington where you do not want to travel lightly. The desert, though not the Mohave or Sonora, can turn you around just as quickly.

It is a foreign place in many ways. But even more so, it’s timeless (and not always in the picturesque, romantic way). Eastern Washington is what it is without apology or the sought approval of anyone.

It is all of those things which handed this shot to me. Everything in the frame is still in use – even the Cremo Cigars sign is still being used by the company as advertising. The truck isn’t on display, or even being repaired. It’s just that guy’s truck.

Eastern Washington is full of such trucks – old F-350s, Custom Campers, and Dodge Rams don’t litter the junkyards of the Scablands, they’re farm vehicles, work trucks, and even daily drivers.

I love this practicality, and was thrilled to be able to capture it so obviously in Sprague, Washington.


One thought on “Like a Cloud of Sleep

  1. Light up a Cremo, a mellow mild Cremo / A winning smoke by far / You can search every clime / But in three-quarter time / You can’t beat a Cremo cigar. Or so went the old radio jingle.

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