She Takes My Place

Camera: Imperial SavoyFilm: Fuji Velva 100 (x-12/06)x-pro as C-41

Let’s talk about the Imperial Savoy. I know I’ve talked on it before, but there’s always more to day.

This is a little surprising, since it’s got one shutter speed and no aperture settings. You’re either taking a picture or you’re not. The lighting is either right or it isn’t. There’s nothing you can really do about it.

In a way this makes everything easier. You either take the shot with the Savoy or you use another camera. But it’s also a bit of a challenge.

At the start of a shooting day, you have to try to predict the weather – or at least the sun. Will it be cloudy? Sunny? Partly cloudy? Which film would capture that best? Since this it a 620 camera, I also have to factor in which films I’ve rerolled from 120 spools onto the proper spools. In my case, I’m good in that department.

Last year, I hardly used this. I think I shot only two rolls of medium format, and one was with the Savoy. In this coming season, I’d like to go back to this camera. And why wouldn’t I? It’s almost never let me down. I can shoot slide film (as seen here) or black & white and it all comes out looking lovely.

Of course, you can’t shoot something like slide film on a cloudy day or anything above 100iso – you’ll just blow out all your shots. But with a bit of forward thinking, you too can make the Savoy (or any other Imperial/Tower brand plastic camera – they’re really all the same) your camera of choice!

They come in all sorts of colors and are swell as can be.

‘She Takes My Place’

Camera: Imperial Savoy
Film: Fuji Velva 100 (x-12/06)
x-pro as C-41

Eastern Washington


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