Geometry of Romance

Camera: Argus C3 (1940) Film: ORWO UN54 Process: HC-110J (1+150); 20mins

I’ve shot ORWO UN54 quite a bit over the past two years. It’s one of my favorite films. The roll that I shot before this one was processed in HC-110J (1+150) for 20 mins. It turned out looking like most other rolls of UN54 – deep blacks, fairly contrasty, and quite a bit like the many other rolls I processed in Rodinal.

There was, however, a bit of lightness to it that the Rodinal-processed stuff didn’t have. Unsure whether this was a fluke, I decided to do the same thing again. Only this time, the results are washed out and dreamy – a lot like PolyPan F (which I also shot that day – and which ended up looking like ORWO UN54 because of course it did).

On the day I shot this, the sun was hidden behind incredibly thick clouds. It was an hour or so after dawn, and everything was hidden. I was shocked that I was able to shoot at all, especially with the sluggish Argus C3.

For those interested, UN54 is a panchromatic medium speed black-and-white motion picture film. It’s most comparable to Eastman Plus X. If you can track it down, I recommend it. I used to bulk load it, but this is one of my last rolls. And what a weird way to go out.


‘Geometry Of Romance’

Camera: Argus C3 (1940)
Film: ORWO UN54
Process: HC-110J (1+150); 20mins

Seattle, Washington


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