To Mend A Broken Heart

Camera: Imperial SavoyFilm: Fuji Velva 100 (x-12/06)x-pro as C-41

It’s good to take breaks, but it’s even better to reemerge after one. We don’t travel over the winter. This also means that I don’t even touch the cameras between November and February. While this year was a bit different, I think I’ve only shot three rolls since Christmas. That’s three more than usual, but it’s still pretty much like nothing at all.

Winter, for me, is the time to plan the year’s coming travels. We usually take a longer trip in the summer, and a number of day and weekend trips in the Spring through Autumn months. Basically, if it’s Daylight Saving Time, we’re on the road. As soon as we get that “extra hour” of sun (and the passes are clear of snow, mudslides and debris) we are wiggling around central and eastern Washington.

So far, I’ve got the large summer trip, an overnighter and a long weekend trek all planned. The third weekend in March is the first full weekend of “extra” sun. That’s basically a month away, and I’m not sure that I can wait that long. I’ve got ideas and need to get out into the field.

I’m certainly thankful for the break, and really love the long travel season we’ve got in the Pacific Northwest, but I’m well overdue. It’s time to hit the road.


‘To Mend A Broken Heart’

Camera: Imperial Savoy
Film: Fuji Velva 100 (x-12/06)
x-pro as C-41

Old US Route 2, Washington


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