Days Vanish Like Friends

Camera: Ricoh KR-5 Film: Adox KB-21 (x-1959); 10iso Process: Xtol; Stock; 7min

I didn’t think I’d become an Eastern Washington photographer. But then, over the past four or five years, most of our weekend trips have been to Eastern Washington. I’ve grown to love this part of the country.

Over the dark winter months, when the mountain passes bar our travel, I actually find myself missing the place. I am surprised by this.

In another way, I’m not. I first rode through Eastern Washington ten years ago. It was the final leg of my around-the-country jaunt on a Vespa. I left Seattle on one lovely August day and by the time I crossed the Cascades, I had the most blinding headache.

Traveling US Route 2, I rode through Coulee City, but found no motel (this is because there is no motel inside the town, but a lovely one just outside that I missed). Eventually, I limped into Wilbur and found a quaint establishment. I ended the day early – 3pm, I think.

I was beat. I had spent April to July riding, and took nearly a month off in Seattle. This had been my first day out.

Because of the headache, I missed the beauty of central and eastern Washington. I remember almost nothing from that day. I took only a handful of photos and wrote little after arriving in Wilbur.

There are very few places where I’ve traveled that I do not love – and it is love. But Eastern Washington holds for me something above those other places, as fine as they may be.


‘Days Vanish Like Friends’

Camera: Ricoh KR-5
Film: Adox KB-21 (x-1959); 10iso
Process: Xtol; Stock; 7min

Wilbur, Washington


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