Nor Shining Eyes

I had some bad luck with this 4×5 camera. At first, I had a bit of good luck – beginner’s luck, I guess. But after that, lightleaks and problems a-plenty. This old Seneca from 1905 never had light traps. When it was made, people were still using glass plates which were incredibly not very light sensitive.

The camera itself is in great shape – no leaks in the bellows, and the shutter is dead-on at 1/15sec! I think the biggest problem is the lack of velvety light traps where the film holders meet the camera. I plan on fixing this, as I really do want to keep using this. I mean, it’s 112 years old! There are only a dozen or so people on this planet who were alive when this camera was manufactured. It’s a relic and how can I give that up?

That said, I recently acquired a Crown Graphic 4×5. So… problem solved. Probably.

‘Nor Shining Eyes’

Camera: Zenit 11
Lens: Industar 50-2
Flim: Fomapan 100 (x-05/2009)
Process: HC-110B; 6min

Bellingham, Washington


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