As Free and Fearless

I’ve talked about trespassing before, and I don’t like to do it. I have no real moral opposition to it – I don’t destroy property or even reposition anything to get a shot. I leave things as I found them and bother nobody. My hesitancy is being hassled or threatened by a landowner.

Of course, it’s fully within their rights to do that. I’d just rather avoid it completely.

That said, I trespassed to get this shot. I mean, I assume that I did. There were no signs denoting ownership. Not a single “No Trespassing” sign was around (and I would not have trespassed if there had been).


‘As Free and Fearless’

Camera: Argus/Cosina STL1000 (c1971)
Lens: Industar 50-2
Film: Kodak Direct Positive Pan (5246) (x-07/1977); 64ISO
Process: HC-110 100+1; 60mins

Jantz Road, Adams County, Washington


4 thoughts on “As Free and Fearless

  1. I’m with you. I seldom knowingly trespass, and I absolutely will not when there’s a No Trespassing sign.

    Once, the police ran me off what I thought was an abandoned highway bridge, but had at some point become private property. I didn’t see the No Trespassing sign until after the police came.

    I don’t need that kind of “excitement” in my life.

    1. That’s the thing. Usually the cops will just escort you off the property. Especially if it’s obvious you’re just photographing stuff. But the owners aren’t always so willing to just let you go.

      Though I will say that the worst experience I had was having to chat with the owner of a railroad substation who talked my ear off for a looooong time about the government and the county sheriff’s department and various other stuff. He was NOT happy to see me there, but calmed down once he saw my backpack filled with cameras.

      I wonder if having business cards made up would help matters more. Since I’ve got a 4×5 Graphic now, I could always get a fedora and put a “PRESS” pass in the brim. 🙂

      1. I actually have business cards for my Michigan Road nonprofit and always forget to carry them. I think I could share one and explain about the old roads and it might put the police or owners or just passersby at ease.

        1. A card certainly says that you’re either serious or seriously delusional – I’ve received cards from both types of folk. And it’s always difficult to tell how you’ll be perceived.

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