Morning Crawling Gray

This was one of the first shots that I took with the newly-acquired Crown Graphic 4×5. I think it was my third. I wanted something wide open, but when I reached for the 90mm lens, it was far too wide. With the 127mm, and a few steps closer, I got the framing I wanted.

Since I’m still new to the large format game, I wasn’t sure what the depth of field would be like. And though the Crown as some slight movements, I left everything as it was, deciding to keep the camera about two and a half feet off the ground. This, I hoped, would allow the grasses below to blur a bit. I was not wrong.

Helping in this matter was the swale that house sits within and the rise that I was on. The ground slopes gently away from the camera only to slide quickly away after twenty or so feet. This gives the ground beyond the house a more distant feel. This, combined with the nearness of the foreground, allows the house to float somewhere in between.

I’ve shot this same house from eye-level before, and the effect was nonexistent.

Of course, the great regret is the light/dark line just above the house. That is from using the “taco method” for stand developing. This is apparently why you don’t do this. It might work fine for normal developing times, but for sixty minute stand, don’t bother.
‘Morning Crawling Gray’

Camera: Crown Graphic 4×5 (1962)
Lens: 127mm f/4.7 Rodenstock Ysarex
Film: Kodak Ektapan (x-01/1981); 50ISO
Process: HC-110; 100+1; 60mins (Taco Method)

Rosenoff Road, Adams County, Washington


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