Rippling, Silver-pale

I don’t do a whole lot of cute experimentation – it’s just not my thing, I guess. But this was an attempt. It is upside down. The image of the old court house is actually a reflection in a large puddle. Immediately before and immediately after, the wind was so that it created ripples and movement.

But these calmed and settled as I took the photo. Left upright, it looks upside down (there’s nothing except the bit of a car to justify it). So I flipped it upside down that it might not look upside down. With a bit of a closer look, however, you can see things aren’t quite right.

‘Rippling, Silver-pale’

Camera: Zenit 11
Lens: Industar 50-2
Flim: Fomapan 100 (x-05/2009)
Process: HC-110B; 6min

Bellingham, Washington


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