In the Gap of the Eagles

This was the first shot I took with the Crown Graflex. While there are a few things wrong with it, I think it’s a valiant effort. It’s also (I think – I actually took some pretty poor notes for this) the only shot I took with it that day where I used the 90mm lens.

On a 4×5, 90mm is a fairly wide angle – as you can see from the shot. I don’t really remember what I was thinking. Maybe I wanted to squeeze the car on the left into the frame. Maybe I just didn’t know what I was doing. Maybe both?

Again, the line in the center of the photo is from stand developing using the “taco method”. Do not do it. Maybe there’s a way to make it work, but if you’re just using a hairtie to hold the taco’d film, this will happen at long developing times.

I’ve since purchased a dedicated 4×5 tank, and this will no longer be a problem.


‘In the Gap of the Eagles’

Camera: Crown Graphic 4×5 (1962)
Lens: 90mm f/6.8 Graflex Optar
Film: Ilford FP4+ (x-09/2004); 100ISO
Process: HC-110; 100+1; 60mins

George, Washington


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