Dancing on the Valentine

Duran Duran’s single “The Reflex” was released on this day 34 years ago. It was one of the first records that I ever bought (the first was Duran’s “Wild Boys” 12″ single).

I still have my entire Duran collection from when I was eleven years old. Since then, I’ve added to it considerably. At the time, I’d buy a single or two each week, depending upon how much lawn mowing money I could scrape together. By the time their Notorious album came out (1986), I had every single from “Planet Earth” to “View to a Kill” – this, of course, including “The Reflex.”

At the time, I managed to get the regular 12″ release, as well as this version of the picture disc. There were two other 12″ editions that I’ve picked up since, as well as a 7″ that’s got a different B-side on it. Having just taken a count, I believe I have eight different editions of “The Reflex” single. These include a limited edition poster sleeve, a Japanese edition, and a promo edition with a live version of the song. How and why are still lost upon me.

I never meant to collect various editions of “The Reflex.” This wasn’t my goal. Actually, until I counted just now, I didn’t even know that I had eight different editions (I knew of four). Am I mysteriously growing more “Reflex”es? Why Don’t I use it? Do I try not to bruise it? Do I simply not want “The Reflex” to be a lonely child? All these questions leave me answered with a question mark.

Seriously, the lyrics to this song are next level bonkers.


Camera: Ricoh KR-10 (c1980)
Film: Kodak Gold 100 (x-1990s)


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