With Doubtful Shadow

I’m not always a fan of high contrast, and for some reason this roll of DP Pan tilted in that sharp direction. There’s not a lot of information out there about this emulsion. This “direct positive” film was originally intended to be developed as a positive slide film. In its original chemistry (which was apparently similar to E-6, but with a different bleach and a second b&w developer) the results would be positives to make slides.

But in regular b&w developer, they just come out as negatives. Sometimes they’re very soft and low-contrast, and other times they’re the opposite. All were developed in HC-110 stand. I think it comes down to exposure. I’ve been shooting at 64iso, and maybe I should slow it down a bit.


‘With Doubtful Shadow’

Camera: Argus/Cosina STL1000 (c1971)
Lens: Industar 50-2
Film: Kodak Direct Positive Pan (5246) (x-07/1977); 64ISO
Process: HC-110 100+1; 60mins

Harrington, Washington


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