Though Cold The Wind

I looked at this photo for a long time before posting it. Something just didn’t seem right. The exposure was more or less okay (a touch under, I guess), but everything seems a bit fuzzy. Certainly, the clouds and gloom did little to help it, but I think it might be this ol’ Industar.

Granted, this isn’t known for being a good (or even okay) lens. But it seems like it just can’t handle infinity focus well. It’s not even a tiny bit surprising, really.


‘Though Cold the Wind’

Camera: Argus/Cosina STL1000 (c1971)
Lens: Industar 50-2
Film: Kodak Direct Positive Pan (5246) (x-07/1977); 64ISO
Process: HC-110 100+1; 60mins

Rehn Road, Adams County, Washington


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