Highland Brown and Bare

After acquiring the Crown Graphic 4×5, I fully intended to sell the older Seneca Chautauqua camera. It’s still in good shape and would make someone pretty happy. But after a long daytrip with it, I think I’ll keep it – for now anyway. The lens isn’t incredibly sharp, nor is it easy to focus. But it’s 112 years old, and shooting with something that aged is worth whatever limitations it brings.

The film is old as well. And though it gave me an image, it feels flat. I think that’s likely due to stand developing it. Stand is great when you don’t know any other way. Depending upon the film, sometimes it’s even better than the suggested developer and times. But in this case, I think Kodak Ektapan would be served better by a more traditional process – HC-110B for 4.5 minutes.

Next time.

For a quick guide to scale — the two small things on top of the rocks in the right of the frame are two hikers who wrangled themselves into my shot.


‘Highland Brown and Bare’

Camera: Seneca Chautauqua (c1905)
Film: Kodak Ektapan (x-01/1981); 40iso
Process: HC-110; 1+100; 60min

Potholes Coulee, Washington


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