That Bittersweet He Drank

I’ve shared a few shots of this barn before, but I think it’s worth another look. This was taken using Svema film – an emulsion from the USSR.

This is somewhat fitting(ish), as this barn used to belong to August Horch, Jr., whose father had immigrated here from Russia sometime in the late 1800s or early 1900s.

August Jr. was born in 1886. According to the local Ritzville, Washington newspaper, he celebrated his 21st birthday at the farm of O.C. McCollum, the next door neighbor of August Sr., a few miles to the east.

“Refreshments consisting of Oyster Soup Cake and fruit were served. The merry crowd left wishing the two Gentlemen many more happy birthdays.”

Mr. McCollum’s farm would be handed down to his son, Loren. By the 1960s, the August Horch, Jr property was owned by Henry Borgan’s Jr.

There’s no available record for August Horch, Jr’s death, though his father, the Russian immigrant, died in 1943.


‘That Bittersweet He Drank’

Camera: Crown Graphic 4×5 w/ 6×9 back (1962)
Film: Svema Foto 250 (x-10/1988)
Process: HC-110; 1+200; 120min

Snowden Road, Adams County, Washington


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