The Chain that Snaps

I’ve seen this same scene in several places throughout central and eastern Washington. A modular home of some sort, pulled by a rig, is abandoned in a vacant field, rig and all (though the rig can’t be seen in this photo).

If only the house were left to the elements, it would make some sense. Likewise, if it were just the rig – we see that quite a bit. But to have both tractor and trailer/house abandoned together seems to be a double failure.

If the house was undeliverable for some reason, couldn’t the rig unhitch and drive away? Or if the rig broke down, couldn’t another be called to complete the job?

It just doesn’t make sense.

‘The Chain that Snaps’

Camera: Crown Graphic 4×5 w/ 6×9 back (1962)
Film: Svema Foto 250 (x-10/1988)
Process: HC-110; 1+200; 120min

Adams County, Washington


5 thoughts on “The Chain that Snaps

    1. I wish I could have been there for that. Was the driver picked up? Did they walk to the next town? Did they sleep in the doublewide for a few nights? So many questions!

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