Made and Kindled Both

I assure you, this is a black and white photo.

This is one of my tri-chrome shots. With a red, green and blue filter I take three separate black & white photos of the same subject. After developing in normal black & white chemicals, I scan them and apply red, green and blue (digital) gels to their respective photos. Then, I overlay them and it becomes what appears to be a color photo.

Sometimes the effect works much better than others. This, because of the streaks in the film (maybe from a lightleak in my bulk loader?), has some magenta weirdness going on in the left of the frame.

Still, it’s a fun little thing to do, especially when you somehow forget to load color film, but remembered to bring filters. Whatever.

‘Made and Kindled Both’

Camera: Bolsey Jubilee (c1950s)
Film: Tasma Mikrat 300 (x-1975)
Process: HC-110; 1+200; 120min

Potholes Coulee, Washington


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