Mantled Round the Towers

“Reardan is, indeed, a prettily situated town and surrounded by an extensive area of rich farming country contributing to its importance as an eligible trading point. Grain is delivered to Reardan for shipment from miles around, especially from that garden spot, the Crescent country, which supports a large population and where as great improvements in the line of handsome country houses may be found as in the same extent of territory elsewhere in the country.

“For a number of years before the construction of the Central Washington Railway in 1898, there was a town on the present site of Reardan. It was known as Fairweather, that being the name of the village originally laid out just east of the present townsite of Reardan.

“But during this time Fairweather was, practically, a town in name only, although in its palmiest days it boasted of a store, a hotel conducted by M. Olson, and a blacksmith shop.”

-An Illustrated History of Big Bend Country, 1904


‘Mantled Round the Towers’

Camera: Spartus 35F Model 400 (c1948)
Film: Kodak Tri-X (x-1980s)
Process: HC-110; 1+200; 120min

Reardan, Lincoln, County, Washington


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