They Dreed of Old

Every trip through George, Washington, I try to photograph the local EAT. This is as close as I’ve ever gotten to getting it how I’d like it. I’m not sure what my problem is.

The sign and building aren’t exactly coupled in a way that makes them easy to shoot. Maybe I should use a wider angle.

An issue is that if I allow more into the frame, that more would feel out of (my) context. If I chance upon the place and there’s an old farm truck outside, all the better. But so far, I find myself shooting around Toyota Tacomas or some other new plastic thing. It’s not what I want, real or no.

It’s right off the highway, so I’ll try again next time.


‘They Dreed of Old’

Camera: Spartus 35F (c1948)
Film: Kodak Elite Chrome 200 (x-2000)
Process: C-41

George, Grant County, Washington


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