Kinder Than

It’s taken a few days for me to get the past weekend’s rolls of film developed, scanned and sorted. With the exception of a few E-6 rolls, all is ready to be shared.

For a three day trip, I took a lot of photos. Eleven rolls and nineteen 4×5 sheets, to be exact. Granted, an entire 36 exposure roll of some old ORWO film didn’t even manage to capture a sliver of light. I also tried my hand at red scale, but only got three shots to work (out of 36). That left nearly 70 photos taken that simply didn’t work out.

Regardless, I have well over 100 to share.

This past weekend taught me a few things about shooting large format. For instance, I’m really incredibly bad about remembering to use filters. I also need to take better notes. My notes are good, but after spending a few hours trying to sort which camera was loaded with which 4×5 sheet, I need to employ a better system.

As for this photo – it’s the last of only the second roll I shot through the Agfa Clack. I remember wanting this camera quite badly a few years ago. I got it, ran a roll through it, and decided it had no soul. This time around, I’m only slightly more convinced that it might.

I have two simple rules for cameras. Both criteria don’t have to be met for me to like a camera, but it helps. First, they have to be fun to shoot – otherwise, what’s the point? Second, they need to produce interesting photos (even, and especially if they’re not fun to shoot).

The Clack isn’t fun to shoot, and the photos aren’t incredibly interesting. Still, this roll wasn’t so horrible. It saved the camera’s life, though barely.


‘Kinder Than’

Camera: Agfa Clack
Film: Kodak Vericolor III (x-06/99)

Texas Ferry Road, Whitman County, Washington


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