Followed It Since

One of my weaknesses is using unknown film in cameras I’ve never used before. It’s an incredibly dumb practice (relatively speaking), and often causes confusion. In this case, however, it worked out.

I picked up a Zorki 4 from 1960 a few weeks back, and loaded up some generic Mitsubishi film. Now, Mitsubishi never actually made film – this is just rebranded stock from somewhere else. It’s probably Fuji.

I knew absolutely nothing about the film other than it was probably expired. I think I shot it at 200iso anyway and got this lovely purple cast. I’m not a fan of purple casts, but here we are. I enjoyed shooting the Zorki and can’t wait to share more of it.


‘Followed It Since’

Camera: Zorki 4 (1960)
Film: Mitsubishi MX-111; 200iso (expired)

Connell, Franklin County, Washington


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