No Light Betrayed

This is the George Hughes house outside of Oakesdale, Washington. George was the oldest son of Susan and William Hughes, who had immigrated to Washington from Kansas in the 1860s. Originally hailing from Missouri, the family moved to Kansas at the start of the Civil War. By the end of the decade, they had made the trek to California, living there into the 1880s.

By 1895, William had purchased and was living upon the land seen in the photo. George owned an adjacent plot. William died in 1901, and his wife, Susan, followed in 1908. Being the eldest, George oversaw the estate. After his parents’ deaths, both plots of land were combined.

It appears that George never married, but lived in this house until his death in 1944. After that, the land was incorporated into the Crow family, who had owned nearby tracts since at least the 1890s.


‘No Light Betrayed’

Camera: Crown Graphic 4×5 (1962)
Lens: 127mm f/4.7 Rodenstock Ysarex
Film: Ilford FP4+ (x-09/04); 64iso
Process: Rodinal 1+50; 12min

Oakesdale, Whitman County, Washington


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