The Great Lands Are Still So Called

Let’s talk about this film stock again. Vericolor 4111 isn’t your regular old Kodak Vericolor. It’s a tungsten balanced print film made for making color transparencies of negatives. It was made not for shooting normal scenes in a normal camera, but for shooting a negative.

This, perhaps along with its age, gives the film a strange and hard-to-work-with quality. Kodak discovered that this film, as it neared its expiration date, degraded wildly regardless of how it was kept. It showed a huge color shift in the cyan bits – as can be scene.

I meant to shoot this with an 85C filter, but forgot to. This is a problem with me. For being tungsten balanced and shot without a filter, this turned out fairly well.

Its speed, for me at least, was 3iso. If I had used the filter, I probably still would have shot it at 3iso, though 1.6 would have been more correct (whatever that means in this case). With this camera, that means shooting wide open with the only shutter speed it’s got – 1/15 of a second.

This camera is made for low ISO. At its birth, most film wasn’t film, but was glass plates. They ranged from .5ISO to around 25ISO. With the Seneca, I can’t shoot anything over 100ISO. With only 1/15 of a second to work with, my choices are limited.

That just means that film like Vericolor 4111 is perfect for this little box.

‘The Great Lands Are Still So Called’

Camera: Seneca Chautauqua (c1905)
Film: Kodak Vericolor 4111 (x-06/04); 3iso – No Filter
Process: C-41

Blackman Ridge Road, Franklin County, Washington


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