A Song on a Sudden

But for a change, let’s talk about this film – Kodak Commercial Internegative film (4325). In some ways, it’s similar to the Vericolor 4111 that I talked about not too long ago.

Introduced in 1993, this film was made for producing color negatives from color transparencies. You’d then use those negatives to make color prints. For example, if you had positive slides that you wanted as prints, an internegative film such as this had to be used.

You can, however, use this film as regular film. The two drawbacks. First, it’s balanced for tungsten lighting, so you should use an 85 filter when shooting. I didn’t and there seems to be no problem at all. That’s strange. It’s also possible that I *did* use a filter and forgot to note it. Either way, use a filter.

Second, like Vericolor 4111, it’s got a very low speed. For this shot, I used 15ISO, though I’ve also shot it at 5ISO though I definitely like this better.

In my other two attempts, I used an 85C filter at 5iso. One went far too green and the other far too magenta. I’m not sure how that was possible, especially with a filter, but perhaps it’s because of the longer exposure/wider aperture. Though it’s only a touch more than a stop, the filter adds another stop, so it should be a wash. I’m really not sure.

But this photo of Un-ta-pas-neat – the rock on the hillside – Chief Moses’ camp in the middle to late 1800s, seemed to work out just fine.


‘A Song on a Sudden’

Camera: Seneca Chautauqua (c1905) – No Filter (probably)
Film: Kodak Commercial Internegative 4325 (x-09/04); 15iso
Process: C-41

Rocky Ford Creek, Grant County, Washington


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