Empty Amid

‘Garland Dorman and C.H. Weston, proprietors of the Colville Garage, have purchased a five passenger Cartercar of the latest model. It is run by friction (no gears) and is guaranteed to climb a fifty per cent grade. It is a beautiful car and glides smoothly over the roads; has electric starter and electric lights, and is one of the easiest riding cars made. The Colville Garage has the agency for the Cartercar and several Stevens county people have expressed themselves as anxious to purchase one.

‘The proprietors have engaged C.H. Sutton, recently from the east, as auto repair man and blacksmith, the blacksmith shop being in connection with the garage. He is an experience and capable man at that kind of work. Charles Anderson is also employed by the Colville Garage.

‘The Colville Garage and Willett Bros. have placed gasoline tanks and pumps in front of their places of business for the convenience of the public. These tanks strain and measure the gasoline as it is drawn and are a great convenience for automobilists.’

-The Colville Examiner, April 11 & 18, 1914


‘Empty Amid’

Camera: Crown Graphic 4×5 w/ 6×9 back (1962)
Film: Svema Foto 250 (x-10/1988)
Process: HC-110; 1+200; 120min

Reardan, Lincoln County, Washington


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