These Names in Witness

I think I’ve only ever seen these kinds of signs in Adams County, Washington. I’m sure they exist elsewhere, but this is the only place I know they to exist.

I figured that they were long outdated, that the names are attached to persons long passed. But that’s not exactly true.

Don Schwisow died in 2015, having just moved into a nursing home shortly before. But across the seven decades prior, he and his wife, Betty, worked a farm in the Carico Hills of Adams County. After working for Boeing during World War II, he used his skills to build his own house.

John Hennings died in February of 2012 at the age of 90. He had lived on this farm, once belonging to frank Norris, in the Carico Hills since he was only a few days old. A year before his death, he was moved into a nursing home.

Bill Harder might still be alive as I can find nothing on him in death. Still, with Mr. Schwisow living on this farm since 1921, and Mr. Hennings living there since the late 1940s, the signs pictured could be quite old. They are – or at least were until very recently – still accurate. I assume this is mostly true for many of the remaining signs.


‘These Names in Witness’

Camera: Ricoh KR-10
Lens: Revuenon f/3.8; 35-105mm
Film: Svema Color 125

Adams County, Washington


2 thoughts on “These Names in Witness

    1. That’s exactly what they are. They don’t tell you which house, farm, etc, – that’s usually on the mailbox – but they tell you which road to take.

      Unfortunately, there’s no Adams County museum, as far as I can tell, so I’m not even sure who to ask.

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