Strayed Without

I don’t know who Sparkling Karl is, but I am in love with his name. If I’m being honest, I wish this was how we named each other. This is, at least to the stranger, a non sequitur. There’s nothing about sparkling that is inherent to someone named Karl, and there’s nothing about the name Karl that implies sparkling. More importantly (I guess?) it’s not alliterative. And I think that’s important.

It reminds me of “cowboy nicknames,” and I wish we’d go back to that.

Perhaps the friends of Sparkling Karl might be Whiskey Pete, Greasy Mike, or Contemptuous Jack. The secret is a longer word followed by a shorter name. But if your name is already multi-syllabic, such as Theodore or Maximilian, you might be forced to shorten it. This naming scheme is truly worth it.

So, hats off to Sparkling Karl for keeping my dream alive!


‘Strayed Without’

Camera: Spartus 35F (c1948)
Film: Kodak Elite Chrome 200 (x-2000)
Process: C-41

Near Svensen, Oregon


3 thoughts on “Strayed Without

  1. Loved this! Exactly the kind of sign that would have made me stop, pause for a while and wonder about! What would be your “cowboy nickname”?

    1. See, that’s the thing. My name is Eric, and it just doesn’t have that cowboy feel. You could argue that ‘Karl’ doesn’t either, but Sparkling Karl is way perfect. So, I really don’t know.

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