Of the Levin’s Flame

From the Illustrated History of Whitman County, 1901:

Upon arrival [to Farmington], his eyes are gladdened by the sight of a quiet and orderly little town in one of the most beautiful locations to be found anywhere. The country immediately surrounding comes as near being level as any in the Palouse belt, but here, as elsewhere in this section, the hills are not far distant.

In one respect, Farmington has a decided advantage over many of its sister towns, for in its immediate vicinity are the timbered foothills of the Coeur d’Alene mountains, from which formerly an abundance of excellent lumber was obtained and which, even at the present time, furnish to the town and surrounding country a cheap and easily accessible supplied.

For several years the town [Farmington] was lighted by electricity, but the patronage did not warrant a continuance of the plant, and the man who does his trading or visiting after dark must now find his way from play to place as best he can by the aid of gasolene lamps.


‘Of the Levin’s Flame’

Camera: Argus C3 (1953)
Film: Kodak Vision 3 200T (5213)
Process: C-41

Farmington, Whitman County, Washington


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