Raised Once More

Some news from Harrington, collected from various Eastern Washington newspapers from the Spring and Summer of 1922:

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Weisgerber of Harrington visited Coleville the first of the week at the home of her sister Mrs. O.N. Bell.

Mrs. Emma Burke and son, Edward, left Saturday for Harrington, where they will transact business concerning her ranch and visit former friends.

John Abbot went to Spokane to work on the railroad again. He is now at work at Harrington.

Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Ethredge and daughter, Miss Hazel, motored to Harrington Wednesday of last week, returning Saturday. While there, they were guests of Mrs. Ethredge’s brother, James Cox.

Mrs. Ruby Gohlman entertained at dinner Saturday evening in honor of the Harrington track team.

Harry George came down from Harrington last Friday for the weekend.

Mrs. D.R. Burnham received the sad news of the death Wednesday morning of her brother’s wife, Mrs. Carl Wood, of Harrington. Mrs. Burnham left immediately to attend the funeral.


‘Raised Once More’

Camera: Mamiya C3 (1962)
Lens: 80mm, f/2.8 Mamiya-Sekor
Film: Fuji Acros 100
Process: HC-110B; 6min

Harrington, Lincoln County, Washington


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