Her Soft Arm In Sweet Surprise

From the Port Angeles Evening News, February 22, 1964:

Washington Would Be Surprised

If George Washington could drop in on his namesake town today, he couldn’t help but be amazed.

Mayor-founder Charles Brown portrays the first president in a red jacket and women in pioneer dresses and scoop bonnets have iced a birthday cake with maraschino cherries.

The Tory red was an oversight and Mrs. Brown said that in deference to history they would change the jacket to blue by July 4.

Brown, 60, started it when he bought 339 acres of bleak prairie land, midway between Seattle and Spokane, in 1956. He was in Honolulu on business when his wife telephoned to say the deal had gone through.

“You’ve got yourself a town site – what are you going to do with it?” she asked.

Brown announced he would build a town called George, a name suggested by an acquaintance whose name he since has forgotten.

George’s population now is nearly 300. Brown predicts up to 4,000 five years from now.

He has planted 300 lots – about half sold, for $825 a piece – and built a shopping center. He operates grocery, hardware and furniture stores.

George has a restaurant named Martha Inn, a trailer court, public sales to weigh hay trucks, a grade school with 123 pupils, and a community flag pole topped with an ax.

All the streets are named for cherries. The main street is Montmorency Blvd. for the variety of tree on which legend says Washington wielded his hatchet.

Brown is planting cherry trees, not cutting them. he has planted 700 along the streets, each variety matching street names.

He also has planted 12 acres of pie cherries on his farm adjoining the townsite.

The population boom never happened, though the town has grown. Roughly 500 people now inhabit this little village – most of them workers on local ranches and orchards.


‘Her Soft Arm in Sweet Surprise’

Camera: Spartus 35F (c1948)
Film: Kodak Elite Chrome 200 (x-2000)
Process: C-41

George, Washington


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