A Spark of Red

I nearly forgot this one. It was one of the first shots that I took with the weird Vericolor 4111 film. I took notes on how I shot it, but those are lost to antiquity. It appears slightly underexposed, so I likely shot it at 6iso (I’ve since settled on 3iso).

It doesn’t seem like I filtered it, which I think is pretty essential with this. So figure in an 85B filter, as well.

Basically meter for 3iso, even with an 85B filter (it’s only 2/3 of a stop, so it doesn’t really matter with shutters as old and inaccurate as these). If you want to get really fancy, throw on an 85B filter and meter for 2iso. At this point, it’s basically just numbers – go out and shoot.


‘A Spark of Red’

Camera: Crown Graphic (1962)
Film: Kodak Vericolor 4111 (x-06/2004)
Process: C-41

Ancient Lakes, Grant County, Washington


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