The Outgoing End

From the Alliance Herald, December 19, 1918:

Clifford K. Landry, a detective employed by a Denver detective agency on Wednesday night of last week shot and killed Miss Sylvia Kelley, near Henry, Nebraska, while she and her uncle, James Nolan of Torrington, Wyoming, were riding in an auto from Torrington to Henry.

Landry was with James Sherman, Sheriff of Goshen county, Wyoming, and it is said that the officers mistook the auto mobile for one that had been stolen, shooting at the car in front in the darkness. On Friday a coroner’s jury return the verdict that Landry killed Miss Kelley “without felonious intent.”

The citizens of the district in which the inexcusable “accident” happened should take this wouldbe detective to the upper reaches of the Platte river in Wyoming, tie him hand and foot and toss him in. If he survived the trip and reaches Henry they should then take him to France, place him in the outgoing end of a big cannon and shoot him toward Berlin, with a note attached explaining that he was an example of the kind of fools and wooden heads produced in America but not willingly harbored here.

No amount of explaining or regret will bring back the life of the murdered girl and the man who shot her without knowing at whom he was shooting, should be made to suffer long and deeply for his criminal carelessness.

‘The Outgoing End’

Camera: Kodak Brownie Hawkeye (c1949)
Film: Kodak Vericolor III (x-6/98)

Henry, Nebraska


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