What Have You

There may be a dozen photos taken with the Crown Graphic 4×5 that I overlooked the smallness of the image circle projected onto the film. This is obscured less than most, but it’s still unwanted.

The idea of “happy accidents” just doesn’t sit well with me. A happy accident (or at least a happy happening) is something I allow to happen. For instance, using old cameras and old film allows for some interesting tone and features. I know this going into it, so am fine with whatever happens.

But this is just a mistake. If I had caught it, I would have done something to correct it.

‘What Have You’

Camera: Crown Graphic (1962); Rodenstock-Ysarex 127mm f/4.7
Film: Ilford FP4+ @100iso; x-09/2004
Process: Xtol; 1+1; 9mins

Broadwater, Nebraska


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