Annie, Kiss Me

From the Diary of Ruth Shackleford, 1865 –

Aug. 18 – We came over very rough, rocky roads with mountains on each side. We crossed several creeks but I never heard the names of them. We came through Bridger, a pretty place with a great many nice houses. Frank met with Mr. Carter here, the man he built a house for in Boone. All the town, nearly belongs to him. Frank got more medicine here. They charged ten dollars for what little he got. He got a letter from Nettie and put one in the office. We came on and crossed the creek two or three times. We are camped tonight five miles from Bridger, where there is no wood, water or grass.

Aug. 19 – We started and came ten miles and stopped for breakfast, then came on till we came to a ranch, where we are camped today until Monday. They found plenty of grass for the cattle up in the canyons.

Sunday, Aug. 20 – A beautiful day. Mary is no better. She talks out of her head all the time.

Aug. 21 – They drove in the cattle to start but when they got them all up Mary was dying. She died about 12 o’clock without a struggle. About two hours before she died, Mrs. Kirkland took Annie to her and say “Mary, here is Annie.” She said: “Annie, kiss me,” and smiled. That was all she said. Frank made her a right nice coffin, line inside; the top was covered; couldn’t get anything to cover the sides. She was dressed in solid green merino, a white collar and gloves, black belt and net. They said she looked very natural. I never saw her after she was taken sick. Mrs. Kirkland, Sue and Mary Rhyne dressed her.

Aug. 22 – They will take her to Bear River to bury her. Ann cannot bear the thought of leaving her here where there was no other grave. She was buried by the side of a child of Mr. Richardson’s grave. There is a station and several families living here and plenty of Indians, all friendly. We started across Bear River, with very rocky roads. We are camped tonight in the valley.
‘Annie, Kiss Me’

Camera: Ricoh KR-5 (1979)
Film: Kodak Direct Positive Panchromatic 5246 (x-7/1977); 64iso
Process: HC-110; 1+100; 60min

Fort Bridger, Wyoming


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