Stress on the Intimate

Conclusion from the Producers News, Montana, November 14, 1919 –

The trial of Walter Swanson for the murder of his brother, Theodore, was concluded in district court at Circle last week, and the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.

Counsel for the defense laid great stress on the intimate relations alleged between Theodore and the defendant’s wife.

While the court ruled in admitting evidence and also in instructing the jury that such provocation was not sufficient to warrant the taking of life, it appears to have carried no weight with the jury in bringing in their verdict.


What happened to Walter is a mystery. News reports give his age as “about 25,” while others claim he was 27. He was apparently in the military, but even that affords few leads. It seems unlikely that he and his wife, Dollie, stayed together, but her maiden name is unknown.

There are no other obvious mentions of Walter or Dollie Swanson.

‘Stress on the Intimate’

Camera: Argus/Cosina STL1000 (c1970)
Film: Kodak Eastman 250T (5294); x-mid 1980s

Lindsay, Montana


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