Telling the Story

Continued from the Great Falls Tribune, October 17, 1919 –

Theodore called upon his brother to put up the gun and talk the matter over and at the same time blew out the light, apparently for self protection. Just then Walter fired two shots, one striking the brother just under the right eye and the other lodging in the chest, killing him instantly.

Walter lead the much-excited wife back to the neighbor’s where he had partaken of supper and then walked to Sand Creek where he asked the postmaster to take him to Circle. It was on the following day that he was brought to Circle and gave himself up to the sheriff, telling the story as recited above.

The coroner and county attorney then went out and recovered the body of the dead man which had remained undisturbed since the shooting. There being no adequate jail accommodations at Circle at that time he was brought to Glendive and placed int he Dawson county jail.

A preliminary hearing was held, examination waived and he was bound over to the district court. In default of bonds he has since been in jail at Glendive. He will plead no guilty to the charge of murder and the defense will be that it was justifiable homicide.

The defendant’s wife has since left the country and her whereabouts reported unknown by both the prosecution and defense. Inasmuch as she could not have been forced to testify, the absence of her testimony is immaterial.

The defendant is represented by Attorney Mrs. Folrence W. Stephens, of Glendive. Mrs. Stephens is one of the few women lawyers of the state who has had considerable experience in criminal law. She formerly practiced in Chicago and a few years ago was president of the Women’s Bar association of Illinois. She comes from a family of female lawyers, her mother and grandmother both having practiced before her.

(to be concluded…)

‘Telling the Story’

Camera: Ricoh KR-5 (1979)
Film: Ilford Delta 400; x-03/2007; 200iso
Process: Xtol; 1+1; 9.5mins; 21C

Glendive, Montana


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