From a Fallen Woman

From the Price, Utah Sun October 20, 1916 –

C.A. Perry, an automobile owner and general utility man around garages, was taken back to Salt Lake City from the Carbon county jail this week to answer to a charge of receiving money from a fallen woman, Florence Rumsey, at Zion.

Perry and the woman were in Helper when the former was arrested by Sheriff Henry’s forces. When arraigned his bond was fixed at a thousand dollars, but Perry could not give the bond. When arrested he was working at a Helper garage.


From the Salt Lake Herald-Republican, October 24, 1916 –

Because he had asked her questions to which she had objected, Florence Rumsey gave John Tobin, counsel for C.A. Perry, a tongue lashing yesterday when she encountered him in a corridor of the City and County building after the Perry hearing had been concluded and the defendant bound over by L.R. Martineau, Jr., justice of the peace, to the district court under $1,500 bond on a charge of receiving illicit earning of the Rumsey woman.

In court Mr. Tobin had asked the woman if she were married.

“That’s none of your business,” she snapped. Turning to the court she added, “I object to being asked such questions.”

“The objection is sustained,” said the court.


Ms. Rumsey crops up again in Ogden, Utah in 1933, when she applies for a license to run a hotel. This she was granted. However, in 1936, her hotel was padlocked because it became a place “where liquor allegedly had been sold illegally.” However, the court could not discern the definition of liquor. It seems that those complaining included “light and heavy beer in the definition of liquor.”

‘From a Fallen Woman’

Camera: Imperial Savoy (c1956)
Film: Kodak Ektachrome 64X (x-10/1996)
Process: C-41

Helper, Utah


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