Toll the Bell

This roll of Agfachrome 200 was beat. Sure, it expired in 1985, and sure, I shot it in May and didn’t develop it till September, but mostly it was all blue.

My first thought was to simply scan it as black & white. And so I did that for the first dozen or so shots. Then I went back and rescanned them in color. I had to tweak a lot of digital things to pull color out of it. But the color was definitely there.

And so, with this photo, I wanted to share both the black & white as well as the color scans. They both have vastly different feels, and I can’t tell which I like more/less.

‘Toll The Bell’

Camera: Ricoh KR-10 (1980)
Film: AgfaChrome 200 (x-07/1985); 32ISO
Process: E-6

Troup Road, Adams County, Washington


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