Where One Man Stays Alone

If you look, you can see the old Oregon Trail ruts still imprinted in the distant hill behind the sod house.

From the Diary kept by Cecelia Adams and Parthenia Blank, 1852:

June 29. Tuesday. Windy last night. About 12 o’clock the wind blew a perfect hurricane which made a scattering among the tents. We slept in our waggon and it rocked like a cradle. Expected it to go over every moment although they were chained down. But it is very calm this morning.

After traveling some four miles of good road we came to some very high bluffs, the highest we have seen yet.

Parthenia and myself forded a little stream barefoot and walked over the bluffs which are a mile in length. Sand very deep. Passed ten graves.

Passed the lone tree – the only stick of timber within 200 miles. This is about half way between. The tops have all been cut off. It is cedar. We took a few splinters in memory of it.

Encamped on Castle Creek. Passed another dog town. Made 20 miles. Passed Ash Holler Station, where one man stays alone.

‘Where One Man Stays Alone’

Camera: Ansco Color Clipper (c1950)
Film: Konica VX100; x-04/2001

Ash Hollow, Nebraska


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